When I’m Not Playing With Pictures….

In addition to my photography and digital art, I also make all kinds of sculptures and jewelry. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve finished four pieces that I really love and just added to my Etsy store. I might never earn a living making art, but I could never stop making. Art is just in my blood, I’d be lost without it 🙂






The Neuron Series

Hi everyone. Sorry I’ve been quiet lately and haven’t responded to comments yet, but a couple of weeks ago I had a severe mental breakdown related to my depression/anxiety/trauma issues, bad enough that I almost had to be hospitalized, so all I’ve really been doing since then is adjusting to new medication (It’s a non-SSRI antidepressant since I figured out a few years ago that SSRIs make my symptoms significantly worse, which is why I’ve stayed away from meds for the last several years) and just generally giving myself time to relax and let myself be calm and focus on getting stable and healthier.

Anyway, I haven’t felt very inspired during the last few weeks but I did start playing around with overlays. I took a basic line drawing of a tree and turned it into a multicolored pattern in photoshop, then put various pictures over the top of it with a double exposure app I have in my phone and got some nice results. A friend of mine who’s a neuroscientist said the patterns of branches look like neural connections, and so the Neuron Series was born.





I Spy With My Little Eye

There are times when the depression goes to a weird place, a place I can’t put into words, but there’s a kind of restless manic energy (No, I’m not bipolar) and because of my spine injury I can’t release the energy through dance or exercise, so I release it through weird self portraits. And so here I am with a baggie of googly eyes and an old tube of fake eyelash glue, and this is the result. I don’t know what I’ve expressed, but I do feel better. And now i have survived another day without self-harm or sobbing or rocking in the corner. Whatever it takes to make it through.

Even if what it takes is googly eyes