C.T. Evolves

So if you saw my last post you read about the beautiful cat skeleton I excavated from my friend’s back yard. Well after I got the bones cleaned and dried I set to work making this baby into a work of art. I found a gorgeous iridescent paint that morphs from turquoise to blue to purple (pictures just don’t do it justice), and after the paint dried I laid out the skull and long bones to look at while I thought about what sort of art I wanted to make. That’s when I snapped this shot, and I’d really just meant it to be a simple snapshot but it turned out so beautifully it’s almost a work of art in itself. Stay tuned for shots of the finished piece!


2 comments on “C.T. Evolves

  1. betunada says:

    kwight reminescent of the Aliens in the Predator series ~

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