I Spy With My Little Eye

There are times when the depression goes to a weird place, a place I can’t put into words, but there’s a kind of restless manic energy (No, I’m not bipolar) and because of my spine injury I can’t release the energy through dance or exercise, so I release it through weird self portraits. And so here I am with a baggie of googly eyes and an old tube of fake eyelash glue, and this is the result. I don’t know what I’ve expressed, but I do feel better. And now i have survived another day without self-harm or sobbing or rocking in the corner. Whatever it takes to make it through.

Even if what it takes is googly eyes



One comment on “I Spy With My Little Eye

  1. rangewriter says:

    Oh my! You just google away my dear. Though I’m sure dancing your misery away would be more fun for you, since the result would be harmful this is by far the best alternative. I love your creativity and bravery. (Even if you don’t feel brave, may I just say that? It is what I think.) I also like that you reframed the google word.

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