Ode To Fear

Those of you who are Dune fans like me (I still have my 1987 edition of the Dune Encyclopedia. Yep, you’re jealous 😉 ) will remember the “Litany Against Fear” that Paul used to face his fears.

I have a fantastic therapist now, he’s the best I’ve ever seen (and man I have met some stinkers), and he gives homework assignments each week, each with a purpose, each tailored to the client, and this last session he gave me an assignment to create my own Litany Against Fear, because he knows that most of my life I have allowed myself to be paralyzed by all the worst-case scenarios in my head, all the horrible what-ifs, freaking myself out with made up fear to the point where I can’t do anything. Some of you probably understand that habit all too well.

So here is my Litany Against Fear, created, of course, as both message and art (I love that he knows to incorporate art into my homework whenever possible)



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