My physical health has been steadily declining over the past few years, and in the last few months I’ve reached the point where I’m often unable to leave the house at all, and so not many new photos lately.

I do miss posting, though, my love of images is certainly not fading, so I found a few older images to play with a bit. It did cheer me up, and I hope at least one or two add a little goodness to your day 🙂











3 comments on “Mirrors

  1. rangewriter says:

    I’m really sorry to hear about your health issues. You are too young for such struggles. Well, I guess, isn’t anyone too young…but. Well. I’m really sorry. I love your opening shot! It looks like a whimsical barbell. (My weight consciousness must be lurking) but it is intriguing on many visual levels. I think perhaps the other images are from Burning Man?

    • Of course they’re from Burning Man 😉

      As far as my issues I did finally get enrolled in the WA state health plan (hoo boy, THAT was an ordeal) but I’m still trying to find a primary care doctor who’s really capable of meeting my list of varied needs. The doctor that the health plan assigned to me was a nice enough person, but definitely doesn’t have the time or resources to deal with someone who has as many issues as I do, so I’m looking around. Hopefully soon I’ll be in my way to getting healthier. Fingers crossed!

      I love that barbell spider pic, too. That one was a lucky shot, used the macro setting and the flash on an overcast day and ended up with an unexpectedly sweet image 🙂

  2. betunada says:

    ALL those photos are AY MAZE ING !
    (If any-1 @ WerdPresh central was/were paying atten-shun: this post should be a(nother) FreshPrest!)

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