Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday, however you may celebrate, and good things to come in the new year.



The Wishing Tree

Woo, I finally got out of the house!! I saw on Facebook yesterday someone post a picture of this wonderful tree and I just had to go find it. Fortunately I have a couple of friends who know right where it is and gave me directions when I posted the photo, so today I braved the big, bright world and after some wandering I found it. It’s just another tree, like so many others, along the street in a relatively quiet neighborhood in NE Portland, but instead of leaves it’s covered in wishes.

I don’t know who first started this, but I think more people should do things like this. Someone leaves a bag of paper tags and a pen at the base of the tree and anyone with a wish can come and hang it up. What a beautiful idea, what a beautiful gift ❤

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