Some of you know that I’ve been battling severe depression and anxiety my entire life, and lately it’s been more of a struggle than usual. Mostly I’ve been devoting my energy to trying to get health care (the healthcare system in Washington is such a mess, I can’t even tell you) and trying to keep my little art business afloat. Since I haven’t been able to leave the house very much there haven’t been many opportunities for photography, but here are some of the crafts I’ve been making at home for my Etsy store. I feel like as long as I’m still able to be creative I still have some fight left in me. If you’re someone who struggles with depression just remember that you are not alone ❤




3 comments on “Lately

  1. rangewriter says:

    I’m so sorry you’re down. You are so brave for speaking openly about it. More people need to do this. But that is hard to do when you feel so very alone in your battle. And we’re heading into a season that expects everyone to be “HAPPY.” So few people really are. Take good care of yourself. I’m fascinated by that red piece!

    • Thank you. It’s never easy to talk openly about mental and emotional health issues, but it should be. So many people could really use some support but they’re too scared to ask because of all the shame and stigma out there, and if nothing else I can at least, hopefully, let some of them know that they aren’t alone.

      The red piece is a raccoon skull. A friend found the little guy in his back yard, no signs of any injuries or anything, so knowing how much I love bones he called me and I made it into art 🙂

  2. betunada says:

    where ‘d ya get the skulls? you do interesting things with them!
    and not to diminish the main theme of yer post: i’ve had episodes, too, of the crappy “d” — it’s like it’s always there. sometimes the gorilla weighs 600#, sometimes a lot less …

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