Some friends of mine have just begun working on the art car they want to bring to Burning Man this year: Ziza, The Roving Tea Truck. Here’s their description of what they want to bring to the playa this summer:
“Ziza is our gift for Burning Man 2014. Built off of an F-350 pick-up truck, Ziza is an oasis of pillows, billowing curtains, world music, and all different types of tea. The bottom floor of Ziza will be a fluffy lounge and the top deck will have both a seating area as well as a small dance platform. Our roof deck will have a shade structure which will mimic the arches of caravansaries.

Every morning, Ziza will be parked at Burn After Reading Magazine Cafe, where we serve hundreds of cups of hand-roasted coffee each day. Following that, she will roam the Playa gifting iced tea and shade. At night, we will tour different art installations creating impromptu tea parties. Our hot tea and cozy space will provide a place to warm up on cold Playa nights.

They invited me to be a part of the build crew, and take as many pictures as my little heart desires, so here are some of the moments I’ve captured so far.


Yes, trying to build during an Oregon spring can be kind of a wet experience. We just carry on as best we can 🙂


First they need to weld on the main structural frame for the teahouse. It’s going to need to support a LOT of weight.


This was the day that we got a rainstorm AND a hailstorm. Fun!








We’re making progress almost every day of the week, so there will be more photos to come. They also have a Facebook page if you’re interested in seeing the tea truck come together there.


One comment on “ZIZA!!!

  1. betunada says:

    thanks for this “inside glimpse” as to the workings of a B Man project! it DOOO look lahk phun !

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