I Love Portland


Extremeo the Clown and his wonderful car have been a feature around Portland for years. I first saw him about 5 years ago on the PSU campus and he never fails to brighten the day of all who see him. You never know when or where he’ll appear, but there’s no mistaking that wonderful car or the fantastic dance music he’s always playing. He’s one of the more well known and beloved of Portland’s art car owners.


One comment on “I Love Portland

  1. betunada says:

    THAT is pause itt ivelee whacko !
    i think i know whutcha meen about this winter bein’ especially dreary up in P-OR. “my kids” (who live there) have gotten so used to NOT knowin’ where the constellations are, or what planets are doin’ what — that THAT would be somewhat depressing to me! my son-in-law marvelled pre-dawn a month (& some) ago when we were ‘south’ –> i pointed out that THAT bright star is Venus, i had been watching it since later October, here it is 5+ months later — and when this particular cycle of Venus is done, i suspect it’ll be a “long time” before this particular phenomenon happens again … 😦

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