HeaddressB&WA mask and dress I made recently. No particular reason, I just love making things.



5 comments on “Costumed

  1. rangewriter says:

    What fabulous photographs! Well, of course the costumes are amazing too, but I’m looking at those photos and thinking I should be able to do what she did, but I can’t. What a fun person you’d be for Halloween and Carnival parties!

    • You know, I browse various art sites all the time and sometimes I’ll see a photo that’s just so amazing and I get a bit down on myself because nothing I’ve ever done was THAT incredible.

      I could tell you exactly how I made these shots if you wanted, the staging and the photoshopping and everything, but I wouldn’t want to see you or anyone try to re-create them. Then your own unique eye and style gets pushed aside. That’s what I think about when I’m feeling bad that someone else took a far better shot than me: But that’s them, and I’m me, and no one can do what I do, either.

      That was meant to be sort of inspirational. I don’t know if it succeeded 🙂

  2. And I wouldn’t mind dressing other people up, I and I do like making costumes, but I usually don’t like parties at all. My chronic pain issues combined with my social anxieties make going out to big event, or even small ones, kind of stressful and exhausting. I’m usually happier being the quiet wallflower 🙂

  3. betunada says:

    “betty” will be in portlandia for H-oh-weeny: hope she bumps into yez! i suspect she’ll be down at the wivva-phrunt, market area, ya know …

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