Well Hello There

Out in the field today (before I slipped and fell and completely wrenched my neck, darnit) I spotted a little dragonfly perched on a log, fresh from molting. Its wings were still crumpled and it was trying to warm them up and get them fully pumped with fluids before zooming away. In a couple of shots you can see the discarded larvae carapace sitting next to it. Dragonflies are such amazing little creatures.







4 comments on “Well Hello There

  1. really great detail amazing photos

  2. rangewriter says:

    These were PHONE shots? Amazing! Hope your neck is better.

    • Thank you, my neck is a frequent source of frustration. Yes, I can’t believe what nice images I can get from my phone sometimes, and it’s not even a newer model. We’ve come such a long way from the first digital cameras. Man they were awful 🙂

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