Happy Birthday To Me

A field school birthday. I would have preferred to sleep in today, but there are definitely worse places to be. My birthday surprise this morning: a local field mouse decided to make a nest in our field gear. We moved them as carefully as we could, here’s hoping the mama comes back.


And to make my birthday even better, after three field seasons I finally found my first point! A beautifully made, larger-than-average, stemmed chert point. Yay!!! It looks like the stem wasn’t completely finished, so we wonder if maybe the tip broke off before the point was finished and it was thrown away, or maybe the maker dropped it and it got lost and broken later, there’s often no way to tell. Such a wonderful find, it helped make this birthday one of the best ever (Here’s a bit of general information about pre-contact stone points and how they were made)



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3 comments on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. rangewriter says:

    Wow! How cool is that? I hope the little babies’ mom found them. The arrow is beautiful and beautifully photographed. Happy Birthday, a day late.

    • Thank you! :).

      I checked on the babies when we came back after our workday and they seemed fine, so I’m guessing mom found them and was still nursing them. Thank goodness, I would have been so upset if they’d died.

  2. […] last, the long-awaited conclusion to our field school adventures (Here is Part I, Part II, and the Birthday addition). What a great four weeks, and an awesome crew. I can’t wait for next […]

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