As a chronic depressive, sometimes I have those days when things just aren’t good. It’s interesting how my images change with my state of mind. Today was not a colorful day, but I guess that’s alright.





I love how a little filtering can turn a nasty old tar-covered piling into something sort of beautiful. Or at least I think it’s beautiful, but then I’ve always been a little weird….


Painting For The Burn

A friend of mine began making an art project/car of sorts a couple of years ago that she meant to take to Burning Man last year. Due to unfortunate circumstances she was not able to attend last year, but we are going all out to make sure she makes it this year. I love helping people with their projects, and I love seeing them out on the playa, making people go “Ooooooh, awesome!!”. So that was my weekend, helping with painting while she’s overseas on business. Here’s the Kickstarter page that describes what it’s all about. I can’t wait to see it all done 🙂


I made a headdress to wear to Burning Man this year, and since I was in the mood for a drive I went out the the Maryhill Stonehenge Memorial to try it out. I have to confess, I hid in my car until the other sightseers left. I’m way too shy to be weird in public. Unless it’s at Burning Man, of course. Weird is a little more normal there 🙂