I was first introduced to the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in 2010 when I participated in my first archaeological field school. I’ve been back many times since and every so often I get a shot that makes my day….













7 comments on “Ridgefield

  1. betunada says:

    XXXsellent stuff! especially the snails attacking a cantelope rind. i seem to remember that, sometimes, you “tweak” some of your photos?
    they ARE ALL phenomenal photos — howdja get the fox leaping up/over … presumably for a mouse?
    and that sky shot? you make things so intriguing that i’d think most people will go back and (re)consider …

    • I do Photoshop or filter almost all of my shots at least a little bit, sometimes just to bring out colors or contrast.

      Those snails were hanging out in the bushes eating bird poop so I gave them the leftovers from my lunch and they seemed to like that much better 🙂

      The fox is actually a coyote. They’re all over the place around here, and there’s a family that lives out at the refuge. The one that’s leaping was hunting mice and I managed to get a shot of him (or her) in mid-pounce.

  2. betunada says:

    oh: wear da heck is this place w/r to downtown P, OR ?

    • Ridgefield is in Washington, about a 30-40 minute drive north of Portland. The Refuge is very close to where there was once a rather large Native American town that Lewis & Clark passed on their journey to the coast. Lots of great history here.

  3. rangewriter says:

    This is simply a stunning collection of images. They are all good, but I especially love the dragonfly on your finger, how ever did you pull that one off? And the fox! And that SKY!!!! Next time I’m headed to Portland I must remember to visit your blog to remind myself of where all these cool places are located.

    • I found the dragonfly one day when I was walking along a small beach on the edge of the refuge. It was really windy and it seemed to be trapped on the beach by the wind, and its mangled wing. Since it was about the time of year when dragonflies molt I carried it up to the bushes and set it in a safe place, hopefully it managed to molt that old shell and wings and go on the have a happy dragonfly life 🙂

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