The Swifts

I’d heard about people going to watch the swifts before, but never got around to it until a few days ago. I went to Chapman Elementary in Portland with my friend and my Nikon D50 (which I’m still learning to use) and it was a pretty amazing spectacle. If the camera has settings for capturing low-light action action shots I wasn’t able to find it, but I did get a few shots that I really liked.





3 comments on “The Swifts

  1. betunada says:

    fun stuff. i like how BIG FLOX will wheel and churn ‘n turn and whatever IN UNISON or as if they were coherent currents in the margarita blender. whatever. i’ve noted the “chevrons” (like a corporals shoulder insignia) of a flock of … starlings? doves? freekwentlee perched on the elec. lyings off a power pole perhaps 200 yds from da haus …

  2. Mark Hahn says:

    Really great! #2 is my favorite!

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