On The Beach

On The Beach

The only photo I took on the night of July 4th that actually came out. Go figure. I wandered off to a little beach after dodging all of the usual fireworks-watching spots, which were packed. I ended up being invited to share a campfire by a group of four young men whom some would consider, shall we say, of the lower classes. They offered refreshment, chatted about various run-ins with the law and which cities are the most supportive of graffiti artists (just because I’m a middle-class white woman with a college degree doesn’t mean I can’t talk about graffiti), I told them a bit about archaeology and photography. Despite the differences in our social circles, for lack of a better term, we had a very nice time hanging out. Just a note to all the folks who are scared of people from different socioeconomic levels: we’re all human, and we all look weird to someone.


4 comments on “On The Beach

  1. Anna says:

    Very generous young lads! And broadminded, too – imagine inviting a middle aged, middle class lady to share their campfire and refreshments!

    • I was very surprised to be invited over. I had planned to just sit by myself and keep out of everyone’s way, but they were really sweet and I felt bad that I hadn’t brought beer or anything to offer them in return. I do love meeting new people, and while I grew up in a tiny town I’ve lived in the city long enough that I’ve become used to people pretty much ignoring strangers. Always nice when strangers decide to just be friendly 🙂

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